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JAXWS/Tools API Catalog


This page enumerates the catalog of API that will be released in JAX-WS Tools 1.0.

Provisional API

Annotations Framework

Plug-in: org.eclipse.jst.ws.annotations.core

Packages: org.eclipse.jst.ws.annotations.core.*

Purpose: Provides a framework for creating, adding, editing and deleting annotations and their element-value pairs. Also provides base classes for use in annotation content assist and validation.

JDT and WSDL Utilities

Plug-in: org.eclipse.jst.ws.jaxws.core

Packages: org.eclipse.jst.ws.jaxws.core.utils

Purpose: Provides utility classes for working with JDT IProject's, IType's and ICompilationUnit's and for readings and writing WSDL files.