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IoT Working Group Meeting

A meeting of the Eclipse IoT community and IoT enthusiasts. Join us this day-long session to learn about IoT and share your thoughts on the requirements for building an Internet of Things based on open source and open standards.

Event Details

  • When: October 22, 2018, 9:00am - 16:30
  • Where: EclipseCon Europe, Ludwigsburg, Germany
  • This WG meeting is co-located with Europe Unconference in Ludwigsburg, Germany. Attendees will need to register for the Unconference.

  • Session coordinators: Benjamin Cabé


Project Updates / New Project Introduction

Each project will spend 10 minutes updating on their current status. The update should include:

  • Project Overview: Short (1 slide) reminder about your project functionality. This is for people who are new to the project.
  • Project stats: tell us how well your project is doing. Number of downloads, number of contributors, number of bugs opened, number of mailing list subscribers, etc.
  • Project plan: when is the next release and what are the key features.
  • Key Challenges: What challenges/issues are you having?
  • Collaboration Opportunities: Where do you see the potential for collaboration with other Eclipse IoT projects or other communities.

  • Project name, speaker name
    • Eclipse Ditto, Thomas Jäckle
    • Eclipse hawkBit, Kai Zimmermann
    • Eclipse Californium, Achim Kraus
New Project Introduction
  • Project name, speaker name
    • <add a project>

New Member Introduction

  • Member name, speaker name
    • <add a member>

Invited Speakers

  • Coming soon

Collaboration Topics / Open Whiteboard

  • IoT WG Benefits
  • Kubernetes IoT/Edge WG update
  • Eclipse IoT Release train

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