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Face to Face Meeting

Date: March 29, 2012

Time: 10am - 1pm EST

Location: Hyatt Regency, room Fairfax B - Reston, VA.

There will also be an M2M BoF session on Wednesday at 8.30, in Lake Thoreau.


NOTE: Attendance is open to individuals that are members of the M2M Industry Working Group and invited guests.


  1. Mike Milinkovich, Eclipse Foundation, @mmilinkov
  2. Ian Skerrett, Eclipse Foundation, @ianskerrett
  3. Benjamin Cabé, Sierra Wireless, @kartben
  4. Gaétan Morice, Sierra Wireless, @gmorice
  5. Scott de Deugd, IBM
  6. James Branigan, Band XI International
  7. Patrick Dempsey, Band XI International
  8. Andy Piper, VMware, @andypiper
  9. Marco Carrer, Eurotech
  10. Pat Huff, IBM
  11. Wes Johnson, Eurotech
  12. Hilary Tomasson, Eurotech


  1. Rick Bullotta, Thingworx (Tentative)


  • Introductions
  • Roadmap and Deliverables
    • M2M IWG Updates and Status
      • Meta Model
      • Scenarios/UseCases
      • Vision Statement (discussion from first F2F)
      • Update on M2M Sandbox
    • Project Updates and Status
      • Koneki (Benjamin)
      • Paho (Marco, Scott)
      • Developer Portal (Andy)
      • 2012 focus on "User Experience" (discussion)
    • Open M2M Promotion
      • Joint Marketing, PR, Publicizing
  • Additional Items, Next Steps, and Adjourn

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