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Face to Face Meeting

Date: January 31, 2012

Time: 9:00 - 17:00 (UK time)

Location: IBM Hursley

The linked PDF File:Visiting IBM Hursley.pdf contains lots of good info for anyone visiting IBM Hursley

Google Map showing location of suggested hotels and restaurants, as well as IBM

NOTE: A dinner is being planned for the evening of January 30th, see below.


NOTE: Attendence is open to individuals that are members of the M2M Industry Working Group and invited guests.


  1. Mike Milinkovich, Eclipse Foundation, @mmilinkov
  2. Ian Skerrett, Eclipse Foundation, @ianskerrett
  3. Benjamin Cabé, Sierra Wireless, @kartben
  4. Gaétan Morice, Sierra Wireless, @gmorice
  5. Brian Anderson, Sierra Wireless
  6. Jean-Yves Reynaud, Sierra Wireless
  7. Andy Piper, IBM, @andypiper @mqttorg
  8. Dave Locke, IBM, @davejlocke
  9. Peter Niblett, IBM
  10. Ian Craggs, IBM, @icraggs
  11. Nick O'Leary, IBM, @knolleary
  12. Andy Stanford-Clark, IBM, @andysc (pm only)
  13. Arlen Nipper, Eurotech, @EurotechFan
  14. Robert Andres, Eurotech
  15. Marco Carrer, Eurotech


  1. Roger Light,, @ralight
  2. Jens Wiegand, Wind River
  3. Ben Pirt, Pachube, @bjpirt
  4. Kai Hudalla, Bosch
  5. Stefan Ferber, Bosch
  6. Ken Boak, Nanode, @monsonite
  7. Nick Humfrey, MQTT community, @njh


  • Gerry Reilly, IBM (Director, WebSphere Messaging and Integration)
  • Mark Bunday, IBM (Briefing Consultant)

Invited Guests / Awaiting Confirmation

  • Scott de Deugd, IBM


Symbol comment vote.png Do we want to start any earlier than 9am for light breakfast and coffee etc? or start at 9?

NB need to add a couple of breaks and lunch ~~andyp

Here's a link to the IWG Charter as context for the group

0900 ?

  • Breakfast available
  • Introduction / Welcome to Hursley (Gerry)
  • Company Introductions (15 minutes each)
    • Eurotech
    • IBM
    • Sierra Wireless
    • Bosch
  • Detailed discussions and review of [M2M Roadmap] (Benjamin, Scott)
    • Project plan for M2M IWG for next 12-18 months
  • (between 12.30/1.30) tour of the Emerging Technologies lab (IBM ETS team)
  • Review of Koneki plans (Benjamin)
  • Review of Paho plans (Arlen, Scott)
  • Mosquitto Overview (Roger)
  • Community and Marketing for M2M IWG (Ian)

1700 Close and departures

Suggested Hotel

Mercure Winchester Wessex Hotel

Group Dinner Jan 30th

We are organizing a group dinner for 6pm Monday Jan 30th at the The Wykeham Arms (British pub/18th Century coaching inn)

Reservations have been guaranteed for the following people: Mike Milinkovich, Eclipse Foundation, @mmilinkov Ian Skerrett, Eclipse Foundation, @ianskerrett Benjamin Cabé, Sierra Wireless, @kartben Gaétan Morice, Sierra Wireless, @gmorice Brian Anderson, Sierra Wireless Jean-Yves Reynaud, Sierra Wireless

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