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Installer SFX

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Installer SFX archives

Installer SFX archive file structure

Executable Extractor
SFX Header
Execution Information
File Information Table
Required Files Ids Table
String Table
Files Data
SFX Footer

SFX Header:

 19 bytes - signature 
  1 byte  - version
  4 bytes - number of files

Execution Information:

 4 bytes - flags
 4 bytes - id in String Table of file to execute
 4 bytes - id in String Table of arguments for file to be executed

File Information Table Entry:

 4 bytes - size of file
 4 bytes - file last modification time

Required File Ids Table:

 4 bytes - number of entries (if zero, all files must be extracted prior to execution)

Required File Ids Table Entry:

 4 bytes - id in File Information Table

String Table Entry:

 4 bytes - size of string in bytes
 n bytes - string

SFX Footer:

 4 bytes - size of archive file without SFX Footer
 4 bytes - CRC32

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