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Indigo/Contributing to Indigo Build

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Previous instructions are at Contributing to Helios Build

Disclaimer: the following hints have been collected by a newbie to this process, validation required.

For Indigo build aggregation has moved to using .b3aggrcon files. On this topic read:

CVS location: Check out project from If you do not have write access to this repository location, contact the webmaster.

"Old" projects: For projects that already participated in Helios all build files have been migrated.

New project: Projects joining the simultaneous release train at this stage need to do:

  • Follow instructions to install the b3 Aggregator editor
  • Checkout the above mentioned CVS project
  • Open file indigo.b3aggr using the Aggregator Model Editor
Note: at this stage metadata from a lot of repository will be downloaded, the UI may become unresponsive, but after some minutes it should return to a working state, see bug 323733.
  • Create the following elements (New Child) under Aggregator Indigo:
    • A Contact (show Property View to specify Email and Name)
    • A Contribution (specify Label and link to Contact)
      • A Mapped Repository (specify Location: URL of your p2 repository)
        • Your Features (select name from features found in your repository, select Categories from pre-defined set, specify exact version to be included in aggregation under Version Range)
    When done select your Contribution and invoke Detach Resource from the context menu. Choose a filename like projectname.b3aggrcon (renaming this file at a later stage is not supported).

At this point you should be ready to checkin your contribution and wait for it to be picked up by the next aggregation run, but someone familiar with this process should probably complete this description.

Updating your contribution: For any changes to your contribution always open and edit the toplevel indigo.b3aggr, even though a separate .b3aggrcon file is maintained per project. The editor will transparently handle this.

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