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Title: Improving software quality with Mylyn Reviews

Mylyn Reviews provides developers a convenient environment to perform code reviews directly within Eclipse. IDE integrated and context sensitive review is one of the most efficient ways to improve software quality. Mylyn Reviews is a framework for code review tool integration and a reference implementation. The reference implementation integrates directly with Mylyn and enables task-based reviews. In this talk we will give a project overview and demo of Mylyn Reviews. We present the new feature of changeset-based reviews as well as an outlook on upcoming features in the reference implementation. As the Eclipse community is moving fast towards GIT, we further talk about the upcoming GIT and Gerrit support.

One of the first tools to be integrated with Mylyn Reviews is the Ericsson Review4Eclipse (R4E). R4E will be open sourced under the EPL and evolve into the Mylyn Reviews framework. This comprehensive code review solution scales up to a formal IEEE 1028-1997 like process and adds some distinctive features such as model reviews and BIRT reporting of review results.

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