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== Web XML Discoverer  ==
== Web XML Discoverer  ==

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Web XML Discoverer

The goal of the Generic Web Xml Discoverer plug-in is to allow generic extractions of information from a Web.xml file, without the need for a metamodel dedicated to a conforming Document Type Definition(DTD) or XML Schema Description (XSD).


Considering Web.xml files conforming to DTD or XSD, it will be more convenient to have some dedicated metamodels to manipulate information. However, Generic XML Discoverer is an alternative for miscellaneous XML files

This plug-in aims at analyzing any Web.xml file providing a model describing the information found. Version supported are JEE 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 5, 6

Moreover, it allows to serialize back the xml file from the model. Thus, some m2m transformation might be used jointly to upgrade some xml files.

User manual

Discovering and browsing from contextual menu

The plug-in provides the user with a contextual menu to easily create models.

By right-clicking on a file in the Eclipse Package Explorer view, you can quickly create the model of your configuration file.

                       MoDisco-WEBXML popup menu.png

A progress bar will appear at the bottom of the window as soon as the operation begins. At the end of the process, the newly created model is automatically opened in the MoDisco model browser, if installed, or in default editor.

MoDisco-WEBXML model in browser.png

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