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Importing and Exporting Projects

STEM is designed to allow collaboration and sharing of work by simply importing and exporting projects from your workspace. You can find some example projects to import on the home page on the RHS under downloadable scenarios.

First download a demo project and unzip it into your STEM workspace.

If you are using windows and you installed STEM in the C: drive you will probably find this at C:\stem\workspace.

Simply unzip the project into this directory.

  1. Start STEM and go to the Designer Perspective.
  2. RIGHT CLICK in the Project Explorer window and select
    >Import>Existing Projects Into Workspace
  3. select NEXT
  4. click BROWSE
  5. navigate to your workspace (e.g., C:\stem\workspace). You should see the new project folder you just extracted.
  6. Select it (or Select ALL)
  7. click finish.

Similarly, you can select existing projects and Export them into an archive that you may then share with a colleague.

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