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Implement Split File Editor Functionality for the Eclipse IDE

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  • 2008-06-23. DOWNLOAD. 1st release of multi editor and split editor implementations. Instructions: Download the plugin jar and place in the dropins directory (compatible with Eclipse 3.4 RC4 or later).


Multi Editor-based

Usage: Open a file in Eclipse, then select Window -> New Split Editor from the main menu to open a split editor of the file.

This implementation is based on Paul Webster's patch, which uses the existing multi-editor architecture in Eclipse.

  • Advantages
    • does not require custom work for different editor types (java/xml/etc)
    • works automatically with new custom editor types
  • Disadvantages
    • bound by the limitations of the multi-editor infrastructure

Custom Split Editor Implementation

Usage: Right-click on a file, select Open with -> Other... and select \[Split Text Editor\] from the list of editors.

This implementation is based on a custom editor implementation that dynamically creates a new StyledText control when a sash is dragged within the editor to split it.

  • Advantages
    • fully replaces existing editors and allows splitting the active editor in-place (as opposed to opening a split editor in a new tab)
    • easier activation via the mouse because there is no need to go to the window main menu or editor tab context menu.
  • Disadvantages
    • requires customization of every editor class that wants to support split editing (java/xml... etc)

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