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Identity Services Overview



The following IdP and RP solutions were developed for Higgins 1.0 and/or planned for Higgins 1.1

Identity Providers

  • STS IdP - The STS IdP is a pluggable solution that issues information cards and creates claims tokens (credentials) for those cards. This extensible service is available as a complete deployable "solution". The WS-Trust IdP leverages the IdAS layer to plug into a variety of data sources. It can also be extended to support new token types and new network protocols by developing plugins to the framework itself.
  • SAML2 IdP 1.1 - supports the SP-initiated SSO profile and issues SAML 2.0 Assertions. For Higgins 1.1, The SAML2 IdP had been enhanced so that in addition to authenticating users against a Higgins IdAS Context, it can also authenticate users with an information card. Note that it does not yet issue cards.

RP Code

  • Extensible Protocol RP Website 1.1 - provides the Java code so that a web application can support authentication using an Information Card. The security token that is returned to the Relying Party site is verified and the identity attributes from the token are made available to the web application.

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