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IdAS 1.0 Package

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The Identity Attribute Service (IdAS) component provides a virtualized, unified view and a common means of access to identity information from multiple heterogeneous data sources. IdAS is an extensible framework based on the Context Data Model that represents identities (objects) and their attributes in a Context. Data sources are adapted to the IdAS framework via plug-ins called Context Providers.

The IdAS framework is comprised of three sub-components (see Components page for more details):

Allows a consumer to perform access and update operations (as allowed) on elements of the Context Data Model. Specifically, the consumer can obtain an object which represents a Context, can read and change objects within that Context, and can read and change attributes on those subjects.
Is used by parties who wish to write Context Providers for IdAS. The IdAS API is only a set of interfaces which must be implemented by Context Providers. A Context Provider consists of the implementations of IdAS SPI interfaces which allow a consumer to access some specific type of identity store.
IdAS Registry
Is responsible for resolving an object identifier to all the information needed to obtain a suitable Context Provider, and to further instantiate the Context identified by the ContextId. IdAS Registry can keep an internal list of Context Providers and ContextIds, or it can use external mechanisms such as XRI Resolution.
IdAS Common
A set of common, useful utility methods.



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