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==Source Code==
==Source Code==
*Host: dev.eclipse.org
*Host: dev.eclipse.org
*Repository Path: /cvsroot/technology
*Repository Path: /cvsroot/rt
*User: anonymous
*User: anonymous
*Password not required
*Password not required
*Connection type: pserver
*Connection type: pserver
*Module: org.eclipse.ecf/applications/kosmos/plugins/org.eclipse.ecf.presence.bot.kosmos
*Module: org.eclipse.ecf/applications/kosmos/bundles/org.eclipse.ecf.presence.bot.kosmos
*CVS Path: :pserver:anonymous@dev.eclipse.org:/cvsroot/technology
*CVS Path: :pserver:anonymous@dev.eclipse.org:/cvsroot/rt
==Available Commands==
==Available Commands==

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An IRC bot named KOS-MOS has recently been created using the Eclipse Communication Framework project's Bot Framework. The bot sits in the Freenode IRC Eclipse channels and is intended to help make the lives of everyone in the channel a little easier by being able to access Bugzilla and provide helpful links that users often needs to go to such as the Eclipse platform's APIs.

For any questions, please contact rcjsuen on IRC.


The bot is hosted on ecf.eclipse.org. KOS-MOS is currently ONLINE.


KOS-MOS is set to autojoin the following channels on Freenode (irc.freenode.net):

  • #easyeclipse
  • #eclipse
  • #eclipse-bugs
  • #eclipse-de
  • #eclipse-dev
  • #eclipse-ecf
  • #eclipse-linux
  • #eclipse-modeling
  • #eclipse-soc
  • #eclipse-stp
  • #equinox-dev
  • #higgins
  • #osgi

Source Code

  • Host: dev.eclipse.org
  • Repository Path: /cvsroot/rt
  • User: anonymous
  • Password not required
  • Connection type: pserver
  • Module: org.eclipse.ecf/applications/kosmos/bundles/org.eclipse.ecf.presence.bot.kosmos
  • CVS Path: :pserver:anonymous@dev.eclipse.org:/cvsroot/rt

Available Commands

There are two types of commands that the bot can understand:

To prepend a user's name to the message that the bot will output, use ~tell name about message-keyword or ~tell name about command operand.

Feature Requests

Please add all feature requests for the bot in Bugzilla.

Some older requests (without open bugs) include:

  • IRC session logging and control...e.g. ~startlogging, ~stoplogging, ~sendlog
  • Execute commands only if sender user has permission to do so
  • Commands for project build: start build, run tests. Restricted by channel and user.
  • ~newsgroup eclipse.tools.emf genmodel generation (support querying newsgroup for relevant threads bug 182606)
  • Would like to see a set of commands supported for every project (solved by bug 201751) ...e.g.
    • ~ecf-javadocs
    • ~wtp-home
    • ~dsdp-wiki

See also: Open Bugs, Closed Bugs.