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The IDE Meta-tooling Platform, IMP for short, is currently in the incubation stage.

For the purpose of IMP, we define three classes of people:

  • A User is a programmer that uses an IDE produced using IMP
  • An IDE developer is a programmer that constructs an IDE using IMP
  • An IMP developer is a programmer that helps in the development of IMP

Users generally are not exposed to IMP; IMP is an implementation detail of programming language specific IDE support.

IDE developer resources

The latest news is that:

  • The IMP source code has been imported to SVN at and is now in the parallel IP review process
  • Current development and bugfixes are done on the SVN trunk at
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IMP Developer Resources

Bookmarks Description IMP eclipse project summary Eclipse Ipzilla Old IBM bugzilla (to be phased out soon) Subversion XML editor used for DocBook authoring

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