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ICE LWR Object Model

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In ICE, a Light Water Reactor (LWR) is modeled as a hierarchical tree data structure with the reactor core as the root node. The fuel rod assemblies, which form the core, are modeled as children of this root node. In a similar fashion, each assembly is itself a tree node with different types of rods as its children. Geometrically, the children of each node are arranged using a pre-specified lattice structure. All nodes are realized by objects in 3 dimensional space. The initial LWR model will focus solely on Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) types.

Reactor Core Model

Incore Instrument Model

Fuel Assembly Model

Spacer Grid Model

Rod Cluster Assembly (RCA) Model

Rod Cluster Control Assemblies (RCC777As)

Reactor Rod Model

Fuel Rods

Burnable Absorber and Control Rods

Instrument and Guide Tubes

Time Evolution and State Points

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