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ICE Job Profile

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The Job Profile Editor is a tool designed to set up local or remote job executions. It allows the user to set up the following four pieces:

  • Execution information
  • Threading options
  • Hostnames
  • Data Files


Getting Started

Job Profiles are an internal Item built into ICE. To make one, select File > Create an item. Select the option for creating Job Profiles, and hit the OK button. ICE will load a window titled Job Profile Editor with some defaults.


Process: "Create a Job Launcher"

Once all the fields and attributes have been set up, the job can be persisted to file by selecting the Process tab and selecting Create a Job Launcher. This will store the file in the user directory for NiCE so that it can be utilized later to execute jobs with the configured launcher. For a more detailed walkthrough of how to make a custom Job Launcher, see our developers' tutorial, Your First Plug-in Part 2: Using the Job Profile Editor to create Job Launchers.


Developer Documentation

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