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IAM Target Platform

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Setting up the Target Platform

This page describes the process for setting up the target platform used to build IAM.

Create the base folder

Create a target-platform folder somewhere in your filesystem.

Install a new eclipse SDK

  1. Download the SDK from:
  2. Install on your target-platform folder

You should get the eclipse folder inside your target-platform folder.

Install the required bundles

The attached unix shell script uses P2 to download the required bundles. TODO: refactor as an ant script.

Download the script to your target-platform and run it from there. It will take some time to download all the required bundles.

  • Most bundles come from ganymede update site. TODO: specify versions to avoid changes wiht maintenance releases.
  • AJDT is downloaded from their own update site (not available on ganymede).
  • Some bundles are downloaded from Orbit (uses curl)

Configure a target definition

Target platforms are managed through target definition files. You will need to set up your own target definitions.

  1. Start your eclipse (i.e. do not use the new installation you've just set up)
  2. Create a new (simple) project. You can name it Target Platform
  3. File > New > Other... > Plug-in Development > Target Definiton
  4. Enter iam-ganymede as the name of the file
  5. Set Target Name to IAM Ganymede
  6. Set Target Location to your target-platform/eclipse folder.
  7. Click on Set as Target Platform (you will need to repeat this last step if you change the bundles installed on your target definition).

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