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IAM Moving from Google Code

Revision as of 16:37, 2 December 2008 by (Talk | contribs) (Update status of tasks.)

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Tasks to do

  • [done] Rename in packages/files
    • [done] org.devzuz.q.maven to org.eclipse.iam
    • [done] org.devzuz.q.maven to org.eclipse.iam.core in the org.devzuz.q.maven.core plugin
    • bug or ?
      • amuino: This is interesting, but I don't think it is needed as part of the move. In the same line, buckminster integration needs to be split in `core` and `ui` ([done]).
  • Support legacy naming
    • classpath container
    • nature
    • builder
    • markers
    • what else?
  • bug 257272 Make uniform use of the maven conventions (some projects have source code on src, some on src/main/java)
  • [done] Rename the plug-in "org.eclipse.iam.maven.dependencyviewer" to "org.eclipse.iam.maven.dependency.viewer" (i.e. split that last segment in two)
    • This is to match the dependency.analisys plug-in. It makes sense to have them sharing the same naming scheme.
  • [done] Related to the previous one, move the org.devzuz.q.maven.dependency.* in the dependency viewer to org.eclipse.iam.dependency.viewer (insert the "viewer" segment that is currently missing).

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