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IAM Bugzilla

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IAM-specific notes on using Bugzilla


There are two links in the IAM front page for bugzilla queries that make use of keywords:

  • bugday: use this tag on any ticket that is simple enough for a non-committer to work on. Entries marked *bugday* are usually separated from IAM internals or are small in scope.
  • helpwanted: if there is something that will be useful but the committers do not have the time for doing it right away, or requires knowledge from outside IAM, flag it with the helpwanted keyword.


The following components are defined on IAM's bugzilla. You can subscribe for notification of new tickets using the specified e-mail address by adding them to your list of watched users in the bugzilla email preferences.

Component Description Address
Core Core maven integration in eclipse iam.Core-inbox@eclipse.org new issue
WTP Integration with WTP iam.WTP-inbox@eclipse.org new issue
JDT Integration with JDT iam.JDT-inbox@eclipse.org new issue
Editors Specialized Maven editors iam.Editors-inbox@eclipse.org new issue
Website & docs Typos, missing documentation, broken links on the website or wiki... iam.website-inbox@eclipse.org new issue