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= IAM-specific notes on using Bugzilla =
= IAM-specific notes on using Bugzilla =

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IAM-specific notes on using Bugzilla


The following components are defined on IAM's bugzilla. You can subscribe for notification of new tickets using the specified e-mail address by adding them to your list of watched users in the bugzilla email preferences.

Component Description Address
Core Core maven integration in eclipse iam.Core-inbox@eclipse.org new issue
WTP Integration with WTP iam.WTP-inbox@eclipse.org new issue
JDT Integration with JDT iam.JDT-inbox@eclipse.org new issue
Editors Specialized Maven editors iam.Editors-inbox@eclipse.org new issue
Website & docs Typos, missing documentation, broken links on the website or wiki... iam.website-inbox@eclipse.org new issue