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*[[Archiva_Search_Integration|How to use Archiva]] for finding artifacts.
*[[Archiva_Search_Integration|How to use Archiva]] for finding artifacts.
*Check release notes for [[IAM Versions]]
<h1>Get Involved</h1>
<h1>Get Involved</h1>

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Eclipse Integration for Apache Maven
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Welcome to the wiki home of *Integration for Apache Maven*, an Eclipse Technology sub project.

Integration for Apache Maven (IAM) is both a solution for Maven developers and a platform for solutions that take advantage of it. As exemplary solutions, the IAM project will develop integration layers for other popular eclipse projects.

0.10.0 is available See New on 0.10.0

Get it from due to the IP issues found on some maven components :-(

The main IAM website can also be used as a guide for exploring IAM and its ecosystem.

User Resources

Get Involved

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