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<h1>Project Components</h1>
<h1>Project Components</h1>
*'''[[IAM Pom Editor]]''' - Information regarding the pom.xml editor in IAM.
*'''[[IAM Pom Editor]]''' - Information regarding the pom.xml editor in IAM.
*'''[[Buckminster Integration]]''' - Information about Buckminster integration for IAM.
*'''[[Buckminster Integration]]''' - Information related to Buckminster integration for IAM.

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Eclipse Integration for Apache Maven
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We have just moved in! The IAM project has been just provisioned. Q for Eclipse is the project that will become the initial contribution and many resources are still only available at the Q4E website.

Welcome to our Wiki. This is the Wiki home page for the Integration for Apache Maven project, an Eclipse Technology sub project.

Integration for Apache Maven (IAM) is both a solution for Maven developments and a platform for solutions that take advantage of it. As exemplary solutions, the IAM project will develop integration layers for other popular eclipse projects.

The main IAM website can also be used as a guide for exploring IAM and its ecosystem.

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