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Hudson-ci/features/Team Concept

The idea is to implement the concept of team so that several authentication and authorization can be assigned to that team. This helps multiple software project teams can use a single Hudson, but each team won't mess with other teams jobs

The tasks are

Implement the concept of System admin and team admin

  • System admin are responsible for
  1. Setting up team and adding a team admin
  2. Hudson wide Authentication
  3. Other higher level administration like installing plugin
  4. Assign public jobs (with no associated teams) to specific teams
  5. Every hudson will have at least System admin
  6. Team admin has less power
  7. Every team will have at least one team admin
  8. Add and remove team members
  9. Authorize user permission such as which member can edit job, delete job etc
  10. Team member
  11. Can create and configure job if team admin admits
  12. Can set a job as public so that other teams can see it
  13. Can delete any job if team admin admits or only delete the self created job
  14. Can delete any job builds if team admin admits or only delete the self created job builds
  15. Can run any team job and public job
  • Implement Permisson Scheme
  1. System Admin Permission
  2. Team Admin Permission
  3. Team Member Permission
  • Implement the concept of Groups
  1. group can have any user as member
  2. Any group can be assigned with certain permission
  3. (Ex. system-admin group can be assigned with System Admin permission )
  • Implement the concept of job permission
  1. Global jobs - any one can view
  2. Team jobs
  3. Only team members can view team private jobs
  4. Only certain team members can manually run
  5. Only certain team members can edit configuration
  6. Only certain team members can delete job
  7. Only certain team members can delete job build
  • Implement project view based on team authorization
  1. Particular team can only view their jobs and any public jobs
  2. Anonymous users can view jobs only allowed to view as public


Capability System Admin Team Admin Team Member
Create system admin Y - -
Create team admin Y Team -
Create team member Y Team -
See team job Y Team Team
Create team job Y Team <Team>
Delete team job Y Team Self-created or <Team>
Configure team job Y Team Self-created or <Team>
Run team job Y Team Self-created or <Team>
Set team job public Y Team <Team>


Scope Means
Y All teams
- Not allowed
Team Only within the same team
<Team> Only within the same team if capability granted by system or team admin
Self-created Only if created by that team member

Additional Requirements

  • Multiple teams must be able to use same name for a job.
  • Jobs must be saved in team specific folders
  • Build History should show only the jobs accessible to the current user
  • The people dashboard should display only the team members of the current user
  • Build executor status must display jobs of the current user team
  • When switching between Team administration to/from standard or no administration data (jobs) must not be lost

Desirable Features (For Discussion)

  • It would be good if team configurations were preserved even when team feature is not active. Currently, toggling security or switching security realms or authorization methods does not preserve previous configuration data. However, the investment in team configuration is liable to be substantial and responsibility divided among multiple people; it could be very difficult to recover manually.

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