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Hudson-ci/eclipse migration/Hudson Plugin Compatibility

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Hudson-bust.png Analysis of plugin compatibility

With the changes to the core code and 3rd party libraries an analysis of the compatibility of each plugin and any required actions is needed. This page is intended to document that work

Tested in
Tested by
Comments on test
Join plugin 1.9 + 1.13 3.0-M1 Henrik 1.9: Works
1.13: Works in simple cases but fails when used in combo with Parameterized Trigger Plugin
Only tested simple scenario,
1.13 is only in jenkins update site.
Parameterized Trigger 2.4 / 2.13 3.0-M1 Henrik 2.4: Works
2.13: Fails
0.2 is only in jenkins update site  ?
Safe restart 0.1 /0.2 3.0-M1 Henrik 0.1: Works
0.2: Fails, Jenkins dependent
0.2 is only in jenkins update site  ?
Timestamper 1.2.1 /1.2.2 3.0-M1 Henrik Works 1.2.2 is only in jenkins update site  ?

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