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{{hudson|pageTitle=Libraries: Marshallers and Serializers


Library name Description Where used License Url Current version The latest available version Serialize objects to XML and back again hudson, hudson-plugins BSD license 1.4.1-hudson-1 1.4.1
org.kohsuke.stapler.json-lib Library for transforming beans, maps, collections, java arrays and XML to JSON and back again hudson-core 2.1-rev6 2.4
org.codehaus.jackson.jackson-core-asl High-performance JSON processor (parser, generator) hudson-jaxb-xjc, hudson-rest-common, hudson-rest-model, maven3-model Apache License, Version 2.0 LGPL 2.1 1.7.1 1.8
org.codehaus.jackson.jackson-mapper-asl Data Mapper package is a high-performance data binding package built on Jackson JSON processor hudson-jaxb Apache License, Version 2.0 LGPL 2.1 1.7.1 1.8
org.codehaus.jackson.jackson-xc Extensions that provide interoperability support for Jackson JSON processor's data binding functionality hudson-rest-common Apache License, Version 2.0 LGPL 2.1 1.7.1 1.8