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Hudson-bust.png Hudson Release Artifacts

Base Distribution

The base distribution for Hudson is a WAR file which can be obtained from the Hudson download page. This version represents just the Hudson Core without any plugins included.

When you first run this version in a clean setup you will be prompted to carry out extra setup and install a set of recommended plugins as well as any others that you might need.  

Operating System Specific Distributions

As well as providing the cross O/S WAR distribution, Hudson is also available as a series of O/S specific install packages:

  • .deb - for Debian and Ubuntu
  • RedHat .rpm - for RedHat, Fedora, CentOS and Oracle Linux
  • OpenSUSE .rpm - for SUSE Linux

These distributions are all hosted on java.net and can be downloaded from hudson-ci.org.

Windows users should download and use either of the two WAR distributions.

Plugin Bundle WAR Distribution

To provide a smoother out-of-the box experience for Hudson users, we also provide a plugin bundle WAR distribution. This distribution includes the most commonly used plugins pre-installed for you. This is a larger download (~93 megabytes as opposed to ~26 for the base WAR. Because the Plugin Bundle WAR contains non-Eclipse code (third party plugins) it is hosted on hudson-ci.org, and contains a mix of EPL and MIT licensed artifacts.

Warning - Beta Distribution
For the moment we recommend that you only use this Plugin Bundle WAR distribution on a clean (empty) Hudson Home. This is because of the risk of incompatibilities between the plugins automatically installed with this distribution and any that you may already be using. In a future version we will provide you with an opportunity to configure the plugin set as part of the install process. This enhancement is tracked in Bugzilla as Issue: 397663

Plugins Included in this Distribution

The Plugin Bundle WAR contains the following commonly used plugins:

  • Static Analysis Utilities - This plug-in provides utilities for the static code analysis plug-ins.
  • Checkstyle Plug-in - This plug-in collects the Checkstyle analysis results of the project modules and visualizes the found warnings.
  • CVS Plug-in
  • Deploy Plugin - This plugin allows you to deploy a war to a container after a successful build.
  • Disk-usage plugin - This plugin counts disk usage.
  • Email Extension Plugin - This plugin is a replacement for Hudson's built-in email publisher
  • FindBugs Plug-in - This plug-in collects the FindBugs analysis results of the project modules and visualizes the found warnings.
  • GIT plugin - This plugin integrates GIT with Hudson.
  • Groovy Support Plugin
  • JFreeChart Plugin
  • JNA Native Support Plugin
  • Maven 2 job type Plugin - legacy Maven support
  • Maven 3 Plugin
  • PMD Plug-in - This plug-in collects the PMD analysis results of the project modules and visualizes the found warnings.
  • REST Plugin
  • SSH Slaves plugin
  • Subversion Plug-in
  • Translation Assistance plugin
  • XPath Provider Plugin - This plugin provides XPath support for Hudson