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Hudson Continuous Integration Server
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Hudson-bust.png Information for Hudson Developers


This page provides information for developers who either want to contribute to (or understand) Hudson and those wanting to write plugins for Hudson (see also Extending Hudson)

Core Development

Development for Hudson as a whole is split into two overarching projects. The Hudson core and primary plug-ins are maintained here at Eclipse. Although anyone can pull the source code for this project contributions are slightly more controlled (see Submitting a Patch for Non-Committers). The other half of the project is the Hudson-Plugins project at This project is open to anyone who wants to create and maintain a plugin. Generally the plugins are all licensed with the MIT license rather than the EPL. This article relates to the code associated with the Eclipse maintained codebase.

Source control

The Hudson Project maintains it's source code in a series of GIT repositories which partition the project into modules.

Hudson Core org.eclipse.hudson.core.git (browse, stats, fork on OrionHub)
Maven Plugin org.eclipse.hudson.maven-hpi-plugin.git (browse, stats, fork on OrionHub)
CVS Source Control Plugin org.eclipse.hudson.plugins.cvs.git (browse, stats, fork on OrionHub)
Subversion Source Contol Plugin org.eclipse.hudson.plugins.subversion.git (browse, stats, fork on OrionHub)
GIT Source Control Plugin org.eclipse.hudson.plugins.git.git (browse, stats, fork on OrionHub)
SSH Slaves Plugin org.eclipse.hudson.plugins.ssh-slaves.git (browse, stats, fork on OrionHub)
Test Harness org.eclipse.hudson.test.harness.git (browse, stats, fork on OrionHub)
Hudson UI Tests org.eclipse.hudson.test.ui.git (browse, stats, fork on OrionHub)
Hudson Packaging (browse, stats, fork on OrionHub)
The Update Center (browse, stats, fork on OrionHub)


For general information about GIT at Eclipse refer to the GIT page in Eclipsepedia. Thsi provides information on setting up SSH keys etc.

Submitting a patch for Non-Committers

Becoming a Committer

Background Information

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