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{{hudson|pageTitle=Community Meeting 23-Jan-2012}}  
{{hudson|pageTitle=Community Meeting 6-Feb-2012}}  
= Agenda  =
= Agenda  =
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''Suggested by Susan''  
''Suggested by Susan''  
*3.0.0M0 Release!
** Henrik: Plugin testing effort, and coordinated contact with plugin owners of plugins with problems?
** [susan]M1 Release
*Eclipse Move progress  
** [susan]Eclipse Move progress  
**[susan]Website and wiki
**[susan]Initial Code Contribution  
**Initial Code Contribution  
**[susan]Issues migration  
**Issues migration  
**Release plans and version numbers
**Machine Provisioning (henrik: 1:How do we manage this machine e.g. add Hudson on Hudson jobs, 2: Any chance a Sonar installation will fit on there?)
''Suggested by Winston''
* Non Eclipse committer contribution process (raised by Henrik)
* [manfred]Status on the Hudson book and strategy going forward
* Nominating Henrik for Technical Leadership role to support Hudson plugins.
''Suggested by Manfred ''
* Status on the Hudson book and strategy going forward
''Suggested by Henrik ''
*The Hudson book is a fine user manual, but it lacks advanced topics such as plugin development. Would it be better to create a new book like "Hudson Advanced topics"/"Hudson plugin development" or is it better to expand the current book ? (personally I think there might be value in splitting in to a user manual and a developer manual) see
*How does one contribute to the book(s) including getting review of submitted content?
* Status of Gerrit workflow for non-committer contributions to eclipse parts?
= Minutes =
= Minutes =
''To Follow''
''To Follow''

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Hudson-bust.png Community Meeting 6-Feb-2012


Add or comment on agenda items here, just prefix the item with your name so we can identify you on the call:

Suggested by Susan

  • 3.0.0
    • [susan]M1 Release
    • [susan]Eclipse Move progress
    • [susan]Website and wiki
    • [susan]Initial Code Contribution
    • [susan]Issues migration

  • [manfred]Status on the Hudson book and strategy going forward


To Follow

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