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Hudson-bust.png Community Meeting 25-March-2013

[edit] Agenda

  • Hudson 3.0.1 Released!
  • Planning for 3.0.2
  • Feature discussion for 3.1.0
  • Hudson @ EclipseCon

Feel free to add your own agenda items to the list. If you do so, please include your name and be on the meeting ready to lead that topic.

[edit] Attendees

[edit] Minutes

Hudson @ EclipseCon 2013, Boston MA

Birds of a Feather

Tuesday March 27th, 8PM-9PM - Seaport, Ball Room A - Hudson Style!


Tuesday March 27, 11:15AM-11:50AM - City View Ballroom 2 - Large-Scale Adoption of Hudson - Jim Clark

Thursday March 28th, 11:45AM-12:20PM - City View Ballroom 2 - Hudson as an effective Agile ALM Tool - Winston Prakash