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Hudson-ci/community meetings/Mar052012

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Hudson-bust.png Community Meeting 05-March-2012


Add or comment on agenda items here, just prefix the item with your name so we can identify you on the call:

  • 2.x release?
  • 3.0.0
    • M2
    • M3
    • RC
  • [henrik] we should clarify system requirements
    • Java version ?
    • Capabilities of container ? (Java EE 5 web container?)
  • [henrik] performance work
    • I have seen high load causing lock congestion in java.text.MessageFormat / java.util.Concurrency (see I have tried to look at the code but I cannot seem to find a nice way around it. first of it is stapler features, secondly the messageformat class seems to always instantiate the sub formats, so no way to cache them. Any ideas?
    • When hudson is stressed it gets really slow at serving files e.g. downloading a artifact is 5-10 times slower than loading in apache/scp. How do we best debug this, so that core developers have something to go on, and how can we improve the situation ? (can we siwtch to nio for master/slave communication? or use better streaming format?)
    • I suggest that many of the resources which does not change often, is written to disc and served from there instead of being processed/calculated on every request. I suggest we create a "component" (service) where plugins can register a url to match,a file to serve and a expiration time. what do you think of this idea.
  • Infrastructure Machines
    • [henrik] Room for sonar install (we really need this)?

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