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Hudson-ci/community meetings/June172013

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Hudson-bust.png Community Meeting 17-June-2013


  • Hudson 3.1 Status
 * Performance Improvements Status
 * Team Concept UI update
 * Review Milestone and RC Calendar

Feel free to add your own agenda items to the list. If you do so, please include your name and be on the meeting ready to lead that topic.


Greg, Winston, Bob, Latha


Team Concept

  * Incorporated UI feedback from Hudson QA
  * Looking for more community feedback on Team Concept UI. Some feedback in the forums so far.


  * Analyzing logs from large internal Hudson consumers (2.x and 3.0) to compare performance with 3.1
  * We welcome community members log data as well
  * Need to look into a memory leak

No restart after plugin installation

  * Still would like to get this feature in for 3.1. Start looking at this change this week.

QA Update

  * More use cases to test. Should complete test plan for current features next week.