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Hudson-bust.png Community Meeting 23-July-2012

Feel free to add you own points to discuss / questions to the following list. 


Christou - Tier 2 and Tier 3 Plugin Questions.

- Hudson 3.0.0 Final Release Dates

  • Aug 15 - RC1 release
  • Dev cycle Jul 1-7 (No new features, mostly bug fixes)
  • RC1 staging on Aug 8
  • QA cycle Jul 8-15. (Only blocker fixed)
  • Aug 30 - Final Hudson 3.0 release

- Should we keep only the plugins we validate in the update center

  • All Featured, Recommended plugins must be tested.
  • Keep only the "Others" plugin that are validated to load in Hudson 3.0.0

- Initial Setup

  • Should it give option to remove update all the plugins in update center including in "Others" category
  • Should we give option to remove plugins that are neither tested nor validated