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Hudson-ci/community meetings/Jul092012

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Hudson-bust.png Community Meeting 09-July-2012

Feel free to add you own points to discuss / questions to the following list. 


  • M4 release
    • Plugin Central is main theme

need to update the update center JSON manually finished - to be deployed today Bob and Steve working on plugin categorization and testing - still in progress

    • expected date was July 13th

will be delayed until July 30th to Oracle QA 15th July

  • M3 Release

a few bugs have been logged in Eclipse some feedback via the blog Henrik has been running it for a number of weeks - initial results good - has one bug to file re symlinks

  • Revised provisional dates
    • RC August 13th
    • Eclipse august 31st
  • Packaging

decided to host a bundled version on hudson-ci that does not need to use the initial setup center, for those who cannot access and run init setup from behind their firewall

  • CQs
    • Bob has worked to remove JAXEN
    • CLI - need to replace JLine - winston to see where this is used
  • Post 3.0 Library upgrade planning
    • Spring
    • JQuery
  • Geoff: Graphing for Eclipse release
    • Improving core graphing (TaskTop comments)
    • Graphing with popular plugins such as Emma etc...
  • Thanks to Henrik

for running Sonar and going through the results Duncan to look at licensing for hudson-ci

Present: Bob Foster Steve Christou Duncan Mills Henrik Winston Prakash Susan Duncan

Apologies for absence: Geoff

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