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Hudson-ci/community meetings/April202016

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Hudson-bust.png Community Meeting 20-April-2016


  • Hudson 3.3.x dev status
  • Hudson 3.3.x QA status

Any other topics that come from the community


Greg, Stuart, Latha, Duncan, Winston, Geoff


QA Status - two new bugs filed from community. Waiting on response from bug from Sonatype as their bug is incomplete. We should update the bug filing wiki to forward to the general Eclipse page.

Engineering - looking into a scaling issue reported by a customer.

Hudson 3.4 discussion - tentatively end of Summer 2016. Features to be determined.

Duncan - Infrastructure changes. Load balancer upgrade slipped out to this Friday, could have intermittent outages but very minor. Check for Updates could be affected during the short window of the hardware switch over.

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