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Hudson-ci/community meetings/Apr162012

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Hudson-bust.png Community Meeting 16-April-2012


  • Eclipse Progress
    • latest CQ information
      • 2 outstanding issues
        • need to go to antler3 as this is approved by Eclipse
        • embedded zip file in hudson core - tasks.hpi - need to remove *Milestone 2 release **Main change is removing Groovy ***impacts on security ***tests fixed, just 2 tests in test harness still broken - Matrix (will be fixed after core release) **Geoff has issues ***SVN plugin testing - cannot set usrname/pwd (linux and windows) ***Groovy plugins (one appears to be cascade problem - needs to be forked) ***all logged ***need candidate release by Wednesday ***Duncan will update website for M2 *M3 release themes **plugin review **update centers * release **2 bugs in SVN plugin in Bugzilla - for hudson on eclipse **review core bugs and release 2.2.1 * **redirecting to **there is a workaround to build plugins **Winston, Geoff and Henrik to work offline **Maven3 bug376785 *using Eclipse marketplace for plugins **Duncan not convinced, mostly for Eclipse IDE plugins **fitting into it artificially, not benefits of particular plugins, voting most popular etc *Eclipse contributors **Henrik - protocol - needs to be signed by his employer (not consultants) **Gerrit means he can contribute *Bundled Plugin circular dependency problems **Building without using snapshots has a circular dependency:Hudson war (in core) depends on the plugins, but hudson plugins cannot be built because hudson-plugin-parent isn't built (because core fails too soon) **because changes related to groovy and stapler in this release and no interim releases have been done **after m2-1 staged today it will be stable and no circular deps **resolving the issues of bundled plugins will resolve for the long term. Winston is working on this for M3 *Status of hudson on hudson **URL is **Duncan to create Henrik a user, he has job scripts for uploading jobs **Duncan to get Sonar latest version setup now disk issues addressed *Status of gerrit usage? (it is available we just need to sign up: **Github replica is over 4 months old - needs Winston to do. *I think we need to redo our Tiers list for the plugins.I see plugins in Tier 2 (Hudson maintained and in addition are tested as part of the QA certification process) but they have moved on and released several Jenkins only versions.Personally I don't consider retesting an outdated version of a plugin to fit a Tier 2 category. I suggest the following Tiers **Core: (All plugins delivered as part of the core) **Tier 1: Plugins (hich signal Hudson support in the pom and which is tested as part of the core release process or hudson-on-hudson. could in theory contain plugins with jenkins only support but we test as part of our release process? **Tier 2: Plugins which signal Hudson support but are responsible for their own QA. Also plugins with jenkins parent but performs QA on Hudson **Tier 3: Plugins which signal Jenkins support but we are performing some install testing or hudson-on-hudson testing. **No Tier: Others *Plugin testing framework ready. **makes matrix jobs for core versions and test cases specify required plugins **make instance with plugins, runs, shuts down **can run on Hudson on Hudson if it can support firefox. - henrik can setup **need to work on how do we get people to use it ie. who will start adding testcases for install tested plugins? Susan Duncan Duncan Mills Henrik Lynggaard Hansen Gary Struthers Winston Prakash Stuart McCulloch

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