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Hudson-ci/community meetings/Apr162012

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Hudson-bust.png Community Meeting 16-April-2012

Agenda items

[from susan]

  • latest CQ count
  • next milestone release
  • New release
  • resolving recursive dependencies in core
  • using Eclipse marketplace for plugins
  • Eclipse contributors

[from henrik]

  • How do we fix that hudson 3 currently cannot be built??. Hudson war (in core) depends on the plugins, but hudson plugins cannot be built because hudson-plugin-parent isn't built (because core fails too soon)
  • Status of hudson on hudson and sonar installation?
  • Status of gerrit usage? (it is available we just need to sign up: I think we need this as the github replicas are not really working (I can't find up2date github repos)
  • I think we need to redo our Tiers list for the plugins.I see plugins in Tier 2 (Hudson maintained and in addition are tested as part of the QA certification process) but they have moved on and released several Jenkins only versions.Personally I don't consider retesting an outdated version of a plugin to fit a Tier 2 category. I suggest the following Tiers
    • Core: (All plugins delivered as part of the core)
    • Tier 1: Plugins (hich signal Hudson support in the pom and which is tested as part of the core release process or hudson-on-hudson. could in theory contain plugins with jenkins only support but we test as part of our release process?
    • Tier 2: Plugins which signal Hudson support but are responsible for their own QA. Also plugins with jenkins parent but performs QA on Hudson
    • Tier 3: Plugins which signal Jenkins support but we are performing some install testing or hudson-on-hudson testing.
    • No Tier: Others
  • I think I have the plugin testing framework ready. How do we get people to use it ie. who will start adding testcases for install tested plugins?

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