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== Next Meeting  ==
== Next Meeting  ==
A few of the team will be on July 4th break so the next community meeting is scheduled for '''5pm UTC on July 13th 2016'''.<br>  
The next community meeting is scheduled for '''5pm UTC on August 3rd 2016'''.<br>  
*[[Hudson-ci/community meetings/July062016|Agenda]]
*[[Hudson-ci/community meetings/August032016|Agenda]]
A random cross section of cities to help you get the time right where you are.  
A random cross section of cities to help you get the time right where you are.  
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== Past Meetings  ==
== Past Meetings  ==
*[[Hudson-ci/community meetings/July132016|13th July 2016]]
*[[Hudson-ci/community meetings/July062016|6th July 2016]]
*[[Hudson-ci/community meetings/June012016|1st June 2016]]
*[[Hudson-ci/community meetings/June012016|1st June 2016]]
*[[Hudson-ci/community meetings/May042016|4th May 2016]]
*[[Hudson-ci/community meetings/May042016|4th May 2016]]

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Hudson-bust.png Community Meetings

The Hudson community holds bi-weekly phone meetings that are open for all to join in with and have a voice. Key decisions, such as feature lists and bug fixing priorities are discussed at these meetings so if there is something that you really care about speak up.

Next Meeting

The next community meeting is scheduled for 5pm UTC on August 3rd 2016.

A random cross section of cities to help you get the time right where you are.

London, Dublin, Lisbon (UTC + 1 or UTC depending on Summertime) 5pm 17:00
Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam,Copenhagen etc. 6pm 18:00
Rio  De Janeiro 3pm 15:00
Boston, New York, Montreal 12 Noon 12:00
Mexico City 11am 11:00
San Francisco, Seattle, 9am 9:00
Honolulu 7am 7:00
Bangalore 10:30pm 22:30
Christmas Island Midnight 24:00

Note that the meeting is anchored on Pacific Standard Time (PST or UTC + 8) so a couple of times a year you'll need to be careful as the clocks change. English is the Lingua Franca of the community, but don't worry if it's not your first language we don't take it too seriously! If your time zone just won't work with 9am PST time (and we understand that problem!) then on request we can hold one earlier in the day as well - just let us know. 

Dial in Information

Oracle kindly sponsor the Hudson project and allow us to use their  audio conference system for these meetings. When dialing in you'll need the following information:

Conference ID 5324896
Security Code 1234

Toll Free Phone Numbers

UK 0800 6948154
North America 1 866 682 4770
Germany 0800 6648515
France 0805632866
Spain 800098600
Brazil 0800 8916307
Denmark 80 88 90 99

If your country is not listed here don't worry - there will probably be a toll free number for where-ever you are. See Global Access Number (Use the Toll free numbers. Ignore the references to the cheapest call rate - these are for callers from Oracle offices) or just drop an email to the Hudson Developer list and we'll add it into the page here for you

Past Meetings

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