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*[[Hudson-ci/Planning/Better Job Coordination|Better Job Coordination]]
*[[Hudson-ci/Planning/Better Job Coordination|Better Job Coordination]]
*[[Hudson-ci/Planning/Long Term Build History|Long Term Build History]]
*[[Hudson-ci/Planning/Improved File Layout|Improved File Layout]]
= Maintaining the Plan  =
= Maintaining the Plan  =

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Hudson-bust.png The Hudson Planning Page

This page details the projects defined to cover the themes outlined in the Hudson Plan.


Migration to Eclipse

Improved Project Visualization

UI Technology Modernization

Enterprise Support

Native Installers


Maintaining the Plan

The plan is maintained by editing the hudson-release-plan.xml file. This file is checked into the Eclipse WWW source control (CVS) and due to the nature of the security used for that source tree, checkout and checkin must be conducted through the Eclipse IDE (not command line CVS).

Connection Type extssh
Host dev.eclipse.org
Repository Path /cvsroot/org.eclipse
Path to plan file HEAD/www/hudson/project-info/hudson-release-plan.xml