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=== Hudson Plugins  ===
=== Hudson Plugins  ===
*[[|Available plugins]] (Hosted on the original Hudson-ci wiki)
*[ Available plugins] (Hosted on the original Hudson-ci wiki)
*[[Hudson-ci/writing-first-hudson-plugin|Writing your first Hudson Plugin]] / ([ PDF Version])
*[[Hudson-ci/writing-first-hudson-plugin|Writing your first Hudson Plugin]] / ([ PDF Version])
*[[Hudson-ci/plugins|Developing Plugins for Hudson]]
*[[Hudson-ci/plugins|Developing Plugins for Hudson]]
=== Other Hudson Tools and integrations ===
* [ Eclipse plugin]
* [ IntelliJ plugin]
* [ NetBeans plugin]
* [ Jobcreator Tool]
* [ Hudson Portlet] for monitoring Hudson in your portal.
* [ Firefox Add-on Build Monitor] displays Hudson builds on Firefox status bar panel.
* [ Google Chrome extension] to monitor status from Google Chrome.
* [ Hudson Monitor Chrome Extension] shows Hudson build statuses in the Google Chrome / Chromium browser
* [ Ant Job Clone script] Demonstrates how one might use an ant target to automatically create CI Builds on a remote hudson server based on a local subversion working copy.
* [ Bash Job Clone script] Similar to the Ant Job Clone script, but based in bash shell using curl to talk to the server.
* [ HudsonMobi for iPhone, iPod and iPad] Centrally connect and securely manage multiple Hudson CI instances over the Internet from your iPhone, iPod or iPad
* [ Hudson2Go for Android] Monitor Hudson from your Android phone.
* [ Hudson Helper iPhone and iPod Touch App] Monitor Hudson from your iPhone or iPod Touch
* [ Hudson Helper Android App] Monitor Hudson from your Android phone
* [ Hudson tray tracker] monitor Hudson from your Windows task tray icon.
* [ Hudson on Cocoa] monitor Hudson from your Mac OS X status bar
* [ Gnome Panel Status Widget] monitor Build status in your gnome panel
* [ Conky Hudson Status] show your Hudson status on Conky
* [ Monitoring Hudson]  jobs from tools that support Cruise Control.
=== Developing Hudson  ===
=== Developing Hudson  ===

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Hudson Continuous Integration Server
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Hudson-bust.png Hudson CI

Welcome to the Hudson Continuous Integration Server Wiki. This Wiki Serves as the home of the ongoing Hudson documentation process.  Content here is being slowly migrated over from the existing wiki, so please be patient.

Much of this wiki has been ported over from the original Hudson-ci wiki used by the project. So please acknowledge the hard work of all of the authors who have contributed to this material though that route.

Hudson Documentation

Getting Started with Hudson

The Hudson Book

  • The Hudson Book - A complete (and free) reference guide available on-line in html and pdf formats. Also available as a download for your mobile device.

Wiki pages on Using Hudson

Hudson Plugins

Other Hudson Tools and integrations

Developing Hudson

Articles and Features


  • JavaOne 2011 OnSite - An inteview with Winston Prakash and Susan Duncan about Hudson on the JavaOne DemoGrounds (4:58)


  • JavaOne 2011 - Hudson What's New and Next (coming soom) 


This section of the wiki deals with the future plans for Hudson under Eclipse.

The Migration to Eclipse

This section of the Wiki deals with the ongoing migration process from the and infrastructures into the mixed + infratructure of the future.

Infrastructure piece Current Location What Is Needed? Nnew Location Progress Overview
Issues- pre-Eclipse core and plugins
  • upgrade JIRA version
  • redirect email to Eclipse Dev mailing list
  • see migration steps
new host machine* Susan to dry run upgrade version in sandbox
Migration steps
User mailing list maintain and xref with Eclipse forum for future posts Eclipse forum already setup, not in use until switchover
Developer mailing list - core and plugins
  • ask/remind developers to subscribe
  • maintain old history
  • close list
Eclipse Dev mailing list
mailing list has been setup.

Other mailing lists

  • Issues
  • Commits

combine emails from these Issues/Commits repository to Eclipse Dev mailing list

maintain history

close these mailing lists on switchover

Eclipse Dev mailing list on switchover only
Web site and Wiki hudson-ci migrate to Eclipse (except plugins) Eclipse Details
plugins wiki
upgrade confluence version
new host machine*

Hudson on Hudson

  • core (preEclipse and during parallel releases only)
  • plugins
new host machine*

Hudson on Hudson - core - Eclipse releases
Eclipse Hudson

already running

  • New host machine expected early December

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