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*[[Common Build Infrastructure/Managing Hudson|Manage Hudson]]
*[[Common Build Infrastructure/Managing Hudson|Manage Hudson]]
*[[Hudson/Admin/UpgradeHudson | Upgrade Hudson]]

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General Information

The Eclipse Foundation runs a Hudson continuous integration server that eclipse hosted projects can take advantage of for their builds.  The Hudson server allows for the execution of Continuous Integration Builds, Nightly Buildes, Integration Builds, Release Builds, and Testing.   The Hudson instance is maintained by the eclipse community.   Job creation is limited to committers and admin rights are adminstered by the community as a whole.

Hudson for Committers

Hudson for Adminstrators

Duties of Adminstrators

  1. Hudson upgrades and restarts
  2. New Hudson accounts
  3. Add plugins
  4. Set policy for Hudson usage
  5. Watch changes to this wiki page
  6. Monitor the Hudson Inbox.

Who are the Adminstrators

  • Nick Boldt
  • Kim Moir
  • David Williams
  • David Carver

Please add other known administrators.

Hudson for Distributed Builds

  • Testing on Multiple Platforms
  • What is the Test-Slave Node?
  • How do I use the Test Slave Node to run Tests?

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