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How to build eSWT for WM 5/WM 6 Pro/WM 6 STD/Win32

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  • Install Visual Studio 2005 and it will also install the .Net framework
  • Install Required SDK for different platform
    • Install Windows Mobile 6 Professional SDK Refresh.msi for WM 5 & WM6
    • Install Windows Mobile 6 Standard SDK Refresh.msi for WM STD 6
    • Install dxsdk_jun2007.exe for Win32
  • Install Java SDK, such as IBM 1.4.2 or Sun 1.5
  • Checkout from
  • Checkout required build project from
    • org.eclipse.ercp.swt.wm6pro for WM 5 & WM6
    • org.eclipse.ercp.swt.sp2005 for WM STD 6
    • org.eclipse.ercp.swt.win32 for Win32
  • Developer should download jniport.h and jni.h to your PC

Steps of How to Resovle the Errors in org.eclipse.ercp.swt.core(expanded|mobile).win

  • Right click in your IDE
  • Click Propertis
  • Click Java Build Path
  • Click Libraries
  • Remove all default jar/lib path
  • Add Library
  • Choose JRE System Library
  • Click Next and Point to the Device JRE
  • Then we should resolve the errors in the project
  • Do the same steps for and to resolve the errors

Steps of How to build eswt-converge.dll

  • Go to ~\workspace\org.eclipse.ercp.swt.{platform}\converged_dll

Converged dll folder.JPG

  • Double click eswt-converged.sln
  • Visual Studio will bring up
  • Right click ugl_wince_port in right panel

Ugl wince port properties.JPG

  • Click Properties, it will bring up the property page

Ugl wince port propertiespage.JPG

  • Expand C/C++
  • Click General
  • Click the scroll-down button of the Additional Include Diectories, it will bring up the Additional Include Directories page

Additional Include Directories Page.JPG

  • Click New Line, it will generate a new entry
  • Click the scroll-down button on the right hand side again
  • Point to the folder which jniport.h and jni.h resides

Additional Include Directories Page NewEntry.JPG

  • Click OK and save this configuration
  • Choose the corresponding platform SDK on top-center scroll-down menu
  • Choose Release mode of top-left-center scroll-down menu

Release SDK.JPG

  • Click Build-->Builds Solution


  • Then you can build eswt-converge.dll successfully which resides in ~\workspace\org.eclipse.ercp.swt.wm6pro\os\win32\arm

Steps of How to build eswt-converge.jar

  • This required Java SDK to build and here I install this SDK as following C:\Program Files\IBM\Java142\
  • Modify the env.ini under ~\workspace\org.eclipse.ercp.swt.{platform}\converged_jar folder
    • JAVA_COMPILER=C:\Program Files\IBM\Java142\bin\javac.exe
    • JAVA_ARCHIVE=C:\Program Files\IBM\Java142\bin\jar.exe
  • Double click main.bat
  • Then you can build eswt-converge.jar successfully which resides in ~\workspace\org.eclipse.ercp.swt.wm6pro\ws\win32\

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