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How to add things to the Eclipse doc

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Last revised May 1, 2006

Adding new plugins

To add new plug-ins you need to make changes in several places in this doc plug-in:

  1. platformOptions.txt
    • the plug-in's source folder(s) must be included on the -sourcepath
    • code of required plug-ins must be added on the -classpath (the JAR(s)for non-JARed plug-ins and <plugin>/@dot for JARed plug-ins
    • the API package names must be included in the (alphabetical) package list at the end of the file
  2. buildDoc.xml
    • If a plug-in contributes extension points, it should be added to the list of plug-ins in the <convertSchemaToHTML> task in the buildDoc.xml of the corresponding documentation plug-in.
  3. plugin.xml
    • If your plugin has javadoc API, add a line to plugin.xml under the org.eclipse.pde.core.javadoc extension to associate your plugin's javadoc with the reference section for this doc plugin.

Adding new API packages

  1. topics_Reference.xml
    • add a line for each API package
  1. overview-platform.html
    • add the API packages to the corresponding section

== Adding new extension points --

  1. reference/extension-points/index.html
    • add a line for each extension point
  2. topics_Reference.xml
    • add a line for each extension point

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