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How to Build DTP 0.7 Compatibility

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If you would like to build the DTP 0.7 compatibility pack, you will need the Eclipse platform, EMF, GEF, and Apache Ant as described in the How to Build DTP 0.7 page.

Building the Compatibility Layer

  • Check out a copy of org.eclipse.datatools.build from DTP CVS (/home/datatools). Naturally enough, this is found in the org.eclipse.datatools.build module.
  • Check out a copy of org.eclipse.datatools.connectivity.compatibility from the org.eclipse.datatools.connectivity module
  • Change location into the org.eclipse.datatools.connectivity.compatibility directory
  • Run the following ant command:
    • ant -Declipse.home=D:\dtp_build\workfolder\eclipse_plugins

Note: You will need to change the value of the eclipse.home parameter to point at your Eclipse folder (not to the plugins folder!).

  • Retrieve the compatibility plug-in built from the download folder