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Henshin/Committer Instructions

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Henshin uses Gerrit for handling code reviewing and merging. This implies specific processes when setting up the development environment and pushing changes.


The following steps are for setting up the development environment based on eGit, Eclipse's git integration. Steps may vary if you don't want to use eGit.

  1. If you don't have one yet, generate a SSH RSA key pair: do ssh-keygen -t rsa in the git shell.
  2. Register your public key at
  3. Make sure your local git's committer e-mail address matches the one registered at
    • To view the local e-mail address, do git config An empty result means the e-mail address has not been set yet.
    • To change the local e-mail address, do git config --global [your email address here]
    • In the same manner, you can view and change your committer name using the environment variable.
  4. To ensure correct handling of line endings when using Windows, please use the following git configs: core.autocrlf=true and core.filemode=false. If you have dirty projects due to Windows line endings, try a hard reset after setting the config.
  5. In Eclipse, clone the Henshin repo from ssh://
    • Restarting Eclipse before this step may be required.
    • It is also possible to clone via https, but with a separate HTTP password.
  6. In the Git perspective, open the Repository: Remotes -> Right click on origin -> Gerrit Configuration... -> Finish.
  7. Check out the plug-ins you want to work on.
    • On build errors for org.eclipse.emf.henshin.diagram, use the Eclipse Marketplace (in Help menu) to install the Graphical Modeling Framework Tooling feature.
    • On build errors for org.eclipse.emf.henshin.giraph, use the Eclipse Marketplace to install the Maven Integration for Eclipse feature.
    • On build errors for, follow the instructions to reconcile the dependency to AGG.
    • On build errors for the org.eclipse.emf.henshin.text projects, use the Eclipse Marketplace to install the Eclipse Xtext feature. On further build errors, trigger the Xtext generation process: navigate to org.eclipse.emf.henshin.text -> GenerateHenshin_text.mwe2, right click and do Run As -> MWE2 Workflow.
    • On build errors for org.eclipse.emf.henshin.text.transformation, use the Eclipse Marketplace to install the QVT Operational feature. Navigate to the Metamodel Mappings: right click the package org.eclipse.emf.henshin.text.transformation -> Properties -> Metamodel Mappings. There add mappings for org.eclipse.emf.henshin.model/model/henshin.ecore and org.eclipse.emf.henshin.text/model/generated/Henshin_text.ecore: Add -> Browse -> navigate to .ecore-file.
    • On build errors for org.eclipse.emf.henshin.interpreter.ui (or or org.eclipse.emf.henshin.text.transformation.tests), use the Eclipse Marketplace to install the EMF Compare feature.

Pushing changes

After pushing a change, a corresponding entry on Gerrit has been created. Please invite (a subset of) the other committers as reviewers, doing this for all changes.

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