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Gyrex/Multi Tenancy Use Cases

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Multi-tenancy in Gyrex is available using the context runtime, which provides a lot flexibility. This page lists a few multi-tenancy use cases and explains how they are supported in Gyrex.

Managing Tenants

Tenants can be managed programmatically using a Gyrex APIs, administered via the command line or using a web browser through the Gyrex Admin Console.

Create Tenants using Gyrex Admin

Before you start creating tenants you need to think about the structure. Tenants can be organized hierarchically in Gyrex. The ROOT is represented using a simple slash (/). We recommend to create another hierarchy between the root and a tenant which identifies a common relationships of all the tenants. For example, if you are building a blogging muti-tenant blogging system, the common relationship for all tenants is typically you: the vendor of the system.

Multi-Tenant Web APIs