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Gyrex/Contributor Guide/Releng

Please read through the following to get a better understanding of how releases are done.

Publishing Builds on download.eclipse.org

Builds get published automatically on download.eclipse.org. However, only I-Builds run automatically once per week. All other builds must be triggered manually.

Parameter Description Integration Builds Stable Builds
BUILD_TYPE The type of a build. I S
BUILD_IDENTIFIER A specific identifier to label the build or empty to generate a default one. (leave empty) upcoming minor release (eg. 1.3) plus suffix (eg. M1, M2, ... RC1, RC2...) without space (eg. 1.3M1, 2.0RC1, ...)
BUILD_BRANCH The branch to build from. should always be master
PUBLISH_STREAM The stream this gets published to on download.eclipse.org/gyrex/$PUBLISH_STREAM/... should be the upcoming minor release (eg. 1.3) without last version component, just major.minor