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Gyrex/Administrator Guide/Software Installation

Software Installation

Gyrex supports installation of software into a running cluster. The implementation is based in p2 - the standard for software installation of OSGi bundles at Eclipse. Please make yourself familiar with p2 concepts.


In order to install software, you need to produce a p2 repository containing the artifacts to install. Repositories are the source of installation. In Gyrex, everything is installed from a repository. However, Gyrex does not know about any repositories by default. Therefore you need to configure the list of available repositories.

Adding and Removing Repositories using the Console

In the OSGi console a sw command is available which allows to perform a basic administration and handling of software installations.

osgi> help sw
  sw <cmd> [args]
    ls repos|packages [filterString] - list repos or packages
    addRepo <id> <uri> [filter] - adds a repository
    rmRepo <id> - removes a repository

The addRepo and rmRepo commands should be used to add or remove p2 repositories.

Repository Node Filters

When adding repositories it's possible to specify a node filter. Such a filter can be used to limit the visibility of repositories to certain nodes. This is interesting in a multiple data center scenario when nodes in a specific region should use the repository located within their data center.

Another usage scenario is staging/testing/production repositories. Special "testing" nodes might see a testing repository which may contain newer information.

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