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Gyrex/Administrator Guide/Console

OSGi Console

Gyrex integrates the Equinox Console which is based on the Apache GoGo Shell. Countless console commands are provided in order to simplify administration of a Gyrex cloud. The Equinox Console is extensible and Gyrex also includes ARGS4J which allows developing additional commands using annotations.


In order to activate the OSGi Console one simply needs to pass the "-console" command line argument when starting Gyrex using the gyrex executable. This is the default in all Gyrex server packages.


The OSGi Console is also available via SSH. This is the recommended way of connecting to production systems. However, please be careful with the close/exit commands. The SSH console listens on port 3122.


Currently only key-based authorization is supported in the Gyrex bundled SSH consule. In order to be able to login an authorized_keys file need to be created in the instance data location at <runtime-workspace>/etc/.ssh/authorized_keys. That's a regular authorized_keys file as typically found on Linux systems.

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