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=== ViewFactories are history ===
=== ViewFactories are history ===
[http://bugs.eclipse.org/257119 Bugzilla 257119]
[http://bugs.eclipse.org/257119 Bugzilla 257119]
=== Generated palette customization ===
[http://bugs.eclipse.org/236869 Bugzilla 236869] Provide id for ToolEntry to allow palette customization

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Graphical Modeling Framework 2.2 New and Noteworthy items

See GMF Project Plan for more details

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Previous Release N&N Pages

GMF 2.1 New and Noteworthy - Released: June 12, 2008

GMF 2.0 New and Noteworthy - Released: June 28, 2007

GMF 1.0 New and Noteworthy - Released: June 30, 2006

2.2 M1

2.2 M3

2.2 M3

Custom Parsers

Bugzilla 244419

Custom Actions

Bugzilla 174961

Custom Preferences and Preference pages

Bugzilla 250772 Custom Preferences Bugzilla 247311 Boilerplate code for custom Preference Pages

Besides, not all the preference pages are generated now, see Bugzilla 247542

Ant Integration

Bugzilla 251588

Template enhancements

DIAGRAM_PREFERENCES_HINT access (Bugzilla 250767)

Single template for asserts (Bugzilla 249301)

2.2 M4

Improved merge for plugin.xml

Bugzilla 254532

Removal of deprecated code

There were few classes that were marked as @deprecated and were not in use in 2.1 release. Only couple of them were almost API (they resided in a public package, but we never documented their use), namely org.eclipse.gmf.gmfgraph.util.FigureQualifiedNameSwitch and its subclasses. Few internal classes from org.eclipse.gmf.internal.bridge.naming.gen package were removed as well (GenModelNamingMediator interface, its implementations and related classes)

M2M (QVTO) transformations

Bugzilla 259583 Both primary (gmfmap to gmfgen) or auxilary (in-place gmfgen modification) transformations are supported.

All GMF templates were migrated to QVTO-based Xpand

Xpand template engine was modified to use QVTO as query language (https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=243154, https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=243156). All the existing GMF templates were migrated to new query language. You can find description of automated migration process here: GMF Xpand Migration howto

2.2 M5

2.2 M6

Escape characters are supported in QVTO-based

QVTO escape characters are supported in both .xtp and .qvto (a part of QVTO standard) files from now - see https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=242880 for the details. Migration tool was updated to produce escape characters then necessary.

ViewFactories are history

Bugzilla 257119

Generated palette customization

Bugzilla 236869 Provide id for ToolEntry to allow palette customization