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Graphical Modeling Framework/Versions/GMF 2.1

Graphical Modeling Framework 2.0 New and Noteworthy items

...broken down by milestones, (see GMF Project Plan for more details)

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GMF Release 1.0 (June 30, 2006)

GMF 1.0 New and Noteworthy

2.0 M1 (September 04, 2006)

Merging for plugin.xml and

Protected region is defined in plugin.xml where users may add their extensions. These extensions will be preserved on diagram editor regeneration. Properties file is merged using EMF merger for property files.


Add custom edit policies in gmfgen model

Custom behaviour may be added to diagram element using CustomBehaviour object. In generated code this means inserting custom edit policy in edit part of diagram element.


Default mapping creation wizard creates canvas mapping

Mapping wizard generated by EMF is enhanced by adding pages to select domain model, diagram canvas and palette. If specified domain, graphical and tooling definition models are loaded and canvas mapping that binds them is added.



Unit-tests covering following parts of generated code were implemented:

- toolbar tools

- diagram and model resources saving

- diagram node hierarchy creation

- compilation test for user models with “instance class name” property specified

2.0 M2

Wizards to reconcile graphical and tooling definition models

Wizards that infer graphical and tooling definitions from domain model now can reconcile results with existing models. One may start such wizards explicitly using File -> New -> Other menu or use GMF Dashboard where 'Derive' actions switch wizards to reconcile mode if graphical and tooling definitions are selected for the project.


2.0 M3

2.0 M4

2.0 M5

2.0 M6/RC0

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